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Points of view

Jerome Rouch, Chief executive officer of NED [Nouvelles Energies Distribution] 

« Producing green energy is good, but it's better to be able to consume it at the same time as it is produced. For us, the role of digital technology is therefore central to managing these new uses. » 

Jules Nyssen, President of Syndicat des énergies renouvelables (SER)

« The first step was to move to renewables, the second step is now to move to smart systems, to match different energy sources to needs. »

Jérôme Mouterde, Manager of DualSun

« The key issue is to succeed in matching production with demand management in the house. »


David Gréau, Chief executive officer of ENERPLAN

« Solar actors are in essence decentralized actors, in the territories, in individuals, in companies, and all this needs to be put to music, to be automated, computerized and to be discussed. »

Philippe Guerischi, North-East sales manager of Arkolia Energies

« The production of this energy cannot be developed without thinking about self-consumption and self-production, which are becoming more and more important, especially for industrialists. »

Pascal Richard, President of AuRA Digital Solaire

« Solar energy being a decentralized energy on the territories, having a balance on the network between an electrical supply and demand is essential. »