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FHE at the heart of collaboration for a sustainable energy future

FHE, a pioneer in the field of renewable energies, is honored to participate in the Open Energies exhibition. This event perfectly illustrates our vision of extensive sectoral collaboration, essential for shaping a sustainable and intelligent energy future. Our network of professionals, consisting of committed distributors and a strategic mesh of certified craftsmen and installers, are the cornerstone of our mission to energize and support local communities.

Our RGE-certified network is the foundation of our commitment to quality customer service. Our experts, with perfect knowledge of their region, chosen for their in-depth mastery of our products and their commitment to our customers, are at the heart of FHE's activity. By joining FHE, these professionals benefit from the reputation of our brand, which strengthens their credibility and supports the growth of their business. We are committed to accompanying them in their professional development by offering them resources, continuous training, and tailored support, essential in a rapidly evolving sector.


Since our foundation in 2010, we have deployed our expertise across more than 45,000 installations, marking our territory in the French energy landscape with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. Our local partnerships are essential to provide tailor-made solutions that combine thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and respect for the environment.


At the Open Energies exhibition, we are eager to demonstrate how these close collaborations with our partners are not only beneficial for businesses and consumers but play a crucial role in the transition towards intelligent energy systems.