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Observa'Fox by Enerfox: The essential software for analysing data from communicating devices !



Your ally for advanced visualisation of energy data

Observa'Fox displays the data retrieved by the Enerfox system from connected objects on site: communicating meters and dataloggers, solar inverters, BMS/BMS, PLCs, temperature sensors, etc. It's a tool that helps maintenance and electrical professionals identify faults and failures by displaying the measurements collected on equipment in fine detail and making it easier to analyse the data.
Ideal for electricians, maintenance professionals and installers !


Powerful features

Observa'Fox offers a wide range of features to suit users' needs, including :




An intelligent legend : Observa'Fox automatically sorts the legend according to the type of data selected (power, voltage, etc.).

Data customisation and configuration : Observa'Fox gives users the option of selecting, organising and renaming their data to make it easier to understand.

Data visualisation : Data is presented clearly and concisely in the form of a curve, allowing users to view data over different periods (day/week/month/year). Users can display up to 2 different units on the same graph. This visual representation of the data makes it easier to interpret and understand the site's behaviour.

Configuring the appearance of the curve : Observa'Fox allows users to customise the appearance of curves by adjusting colours, line styles and thicknesses.

Pre-recorded filters : Each user can create their own pre-recorded filters for quick access to specific data without having to select them each time they are used.

Alert monitoring : Observa'Fox displays electrical alerts linked to selected appliances in both table and graph form.
Data export : Data can be exported in csv and xlsx formats for sharing or processing with other tools. Or in image format (png and jpg) for inclusion in reports or presentations.

Calculating consumption or production from a meter reading : Observa'Fox includes a calculation function that displays actual consumption from a meter reading. Event identification using a tag : It is possible to annotate the curve using tags, thus signalling occurrences such as the loss of data or the start-up of a device, the launch of a process, the start of a holiday period or a period of high activity, etc.

In a world where sustainability and efficiency are essential, Observa'Fox is the essential software for taking control of your energy management.

About us

Enerfox is a company set up in 2018 in Laval in the Mayenne region of France, to support its user-customers in the energy transition towards all types of green energy. The solution offered firstly enables users to measure, control and manage their energy consumption, and then to simulate their production using renewable energies, as close as possible to the point of consumption. Secondly, Enerfox guides users who so wish towards optimised self-consumption by offering them the most appropriate solution based on their expertise.





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