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Press Release : Open Energies: highlights of the first edition


Open Energies: highlights of the first edition

Come to Eurexpo Lyon France on 23 and 24 January 2024

A new event dedicated to professionals in solar PV generation, self-consumption and energy systems control, Open Energies introduces its first edition on 23 and 24 January at Eurexpo Lyon. The launch of Open Energies offers visitors two unique days of immersion in the energy sources of the future. An opportunity to come together, talk and reflect alongside the key players in the sector. Here we spotlight the show’s main attractions and expert viewpoints.


A meeting place for innovation and communication

Organised by the GreenTech+ division of GL events, this first show is the perfect complement to BEPOSITIVE, the trade show for the energy transition, which will next take place from 25 to 27 March 2025, alternating with Open Energies. An innovation in itself, this new business event promotes innovative solutions. Contributing to an ambitious policy to develop solar power in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Open Energies aims to accelerate the birth of new opportunities to support the energy transition. It is an unmissable event in the field of digital solutions for energy systems.

Devoted to all professionals in the renewable energy sector, and anyone thinking about or trying to decipher the world of energy, Open Energies will focus on three themes: renewable energy production, including solar power, new uses of energy and controlling smart equipment.

Over two days, equipment manufacturers, distributors and service providers will present their solutions and innovations dedicated to new energy systems.


Two days, two speaking spaces


Tool demonstrations, concrete feedback, opportunities for discussion and sharing with participants on the subjects addressed:

  • Developing a solar business
  • 2024 self-consumption road map
  • Electromobility
  • Building control
  • Incorporating solar power into a CSR strategy
  • Solar installer training...

These workshops are co-organised by:

AuRA Digital SolaireEnerplan , FFIEGMPV-FFBInstitut Smart GridsINES , Smart Buildings AllianceTecsol.


… and a forum!

Round-table discussions on topical subjects for information about the solar PV market and its challenges:

  • Deploying floating solar: challenges and solutions
  • Heat pumps and solar power
  • Electric vehicles charging infrastructure
  • Car park sunshades with solar panels
  • Diversity of solar business models
  • Self-consumption within the new national energy plan...


The opening morning will be attended by Jean-Luc Fugit, the honorary president of this first edition


Tuesday 23 January 2024 | Morning

Opening ceremony in the presence of Jean-Luc Fugit, the National Assembly member for the 11th Rhône constituency, chairman of the parliamentary energy committee and deputy chairman of OPECST

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A programme rooted in the region's momentum in the shift towards solar power

Tuesday 23 January - 10.45 > 11.15 am

“Solar installer training: a region-wide approach” – Workshops

To meet the needs of the sector, the AuRA Digital Solaire trade association and Pôle Emploi are working together to set up training courses across the region.

On 12 July last year, AuRA Digital Solaire announced the successful completion of the first solar installer training course initiated by Pôle Emploi and supported by the Greta de Grenoble adult education organisation. This pilot course resulted in seven students signing contracts in the field of solar power. As well as these individual successes, the course made a positive contribution to the growth of solar power in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. By training future qualified solar installers, it meets the growing needs of the solar industry and opens promising new prospects for jobs. It also promotes solar power as a real future solution for the region.


An event organised by AuRA Digital Solaire.


Tuesday 23 January – 2 > 2.45 pm

Challenges and solutions in the deployment of floating solar in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region – Forum

The APER and ZAN laws encourage us to develop renewable energy projects in areas that are already occupied for other uses. Among these, lakes are beginning to be used for floating solar, particularly in Asia. With its many lakes and dams, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region seems well-positioned in France to deploy the technology, but not without facing its many technical, economic and regulatory challenges, which need to be addressed through cooperation between the sector's stakeholders.


An event organised by Tenerrdis.


Expert viewpoints


“The acceleration of solar power at both national and regional level encourages us to continue with our proactive, ambitious approach to volumes and quality. As part of this, smart systems must become the norm in order to optimise consumption and link up with production. By offering digital solutions to serve energy efficiency, the Open Energies show opens up new prospects for the mass adoption of solar power and provides a response to the major challenge of decarbonisation.”

Pascal Richard, president of the AuRA Digital Solaire association



“The production and consumption of energy are evolving, transforming and having an effect on behaviour. The rise of solar PV and electric power in recent years has led to significant growth in the use of smart systems in the energy sector. The Open Energies exhibition is an opportunity to showcase this far-reaching shift in our energy ecosystem and highlight the roles involved in electrical integration.”

Pascal Toggenburger, president of the French Federation of Electrical Integrators (FFIE)



“The large-scale deployment of solar power requires high standards and quality in terms of both human skills and equipment. It is vital that we succeed in supporting this national acceleration strategy without sacrificing standards. The Open Energies show is a move in this direction, providing current, high-quality solutions to the sector's needs together with visibility for all the training initiatives that have been put in place.”

Hervé Druon, director of the INES training and assessment platform



“To contribute to an efficient solar-powered future, it is important to share skills and identify the various stakeholders in the trade area. This exhibition offers a significant networking opportunity, which is necessary to develop acceleration zones quickly based on a short-loop approach.”

Alexandra Batlle, general secretary of Tecsol




“Taking part in event initiatives that could advance the cause of the energy transition is in our competitive cluster’s DNA. We hope this first edition of Open Energies will enable our members working in solar PV, self-consumption and energy systems control to raise the profile of their innovations, and that the new relationships that emerge will be fruitful!”

Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi, executive director of Tenerrdis

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With 200 events organised worldwide for professionals and the general public, GL events Exhibitions Operations has unequalled expertise in organising exhibitions and trade shows – a business that must stay abreast of increasingly specialised marketing, communication and organisational techniques while retaining close ties with market players. The Open Energies exhibition is organised by the GreenTech+ division of GL events, which also manages seven other major gatherings: BEPOSITIVE, Eurobois, Expobiogaz, HyVolution, Paysalia, Piscine Global, Rocalia. 

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