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The summary of this first edition!

4,833 professionals in attendance at the first edition of Open Energies 

A great success for the new exhibition from the GL events GreenTech+ division 


An event dedicated to professionals in solar PV generation, self-consumption and energy systems control, Open Energies has successfully launched its first edition! No fewer than 4,833 professionals came to Eurexpo Lyon on 23 and 24 January to meet the 129 exhibitors and brands at the show. These positive results already hold out encouraging prospects for the next edition on 10 and 11 March 2026 at Eurexpo Lyon.  


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The 2024 edition in figures 

• 4,833 professionals

• 129 exhibitors and brands

• Over 1,300 conference attendees

• 30 presentations over the two days: 16 workshops & 14 forums

• 50 speakers

• 13 institutional partners

• 22 media partners 


The only exhibition of its kind in France supporting stakeholders in new energy systems 


The latest show from the GreenTech+ division of GL events, Open Energies demonstrated its full relevance at this launch edition. Complementing the BEPOSITIVE exhibition, Open Energies has confirmed its place as THE unmissable new event for players in the transformation of energy systems. Over two days, professionals in the world of energy promoted their innovations and solutions through the exhibition's three themes: renewable energy production (including solar PV), new uses of energy and controlling smart equipment.

The show was also acclaimed by many visitors and exhibitors for its two conference spaces:  

Workshops combining tool demonstrations with concrete feedback from speakers on key themes (how to develop a solar PV business; smart grids, flex and renewable energy: a happy marriage; building control: the added value of electrical integrators etc.).

A forum consisting of panel discussions on topical subjects providing information about the solar PV market and its challenges (EV charging infrastructure: energy performance challenges; why generate your own energy and choose self-consumption today?; car parks: how can regulatory obligations be transformed into energy opportunities? etc.).

• Plenty of opportunities to tackle major sector-specific subjects with encouragement for discussion and interaction, points out David Lucini of Ligne d'Horizon Maîtrise d'Œuvre et Construction (LHMOC): “We build private houses. This type of exhibition helps us raise our game. We learned a lot about inverters and batteries, for example. The conference sessions were very interesting, too, with talking points that concerned us directly.”  


An opening panel discussion on the theme of “Energy consumption in buildings and digitalisation” 


On Tuesday 23 January, the forum space hosted Jean-Luc Fugit, Sylvain Godinot and Pascal Richard for the opening panel discussion. The session was a chance to look again at the scale of the energy transformation at national and regional level.  

“We must address the energy question in France right now! What is required today is not the beginning of decarbonisation, but the defossilisation of transport, industry, and buildings by combining renewable energy and nuclear power. Consequently, we are following an energy strategy focused on four pillars: energy sobriety, energy efficiency, the development of renewable energy and the adaptation of existing power stations. I find it interesting that we are turning towards control systems to understand how we can use them to improve our energy efficiency. And digital technology can contribute a great deal in the building sector by helping us cut energy bills drastically. We must act collectively to move forward, evolve, and improve people's quality of life. That's the benefit of professional trade shows, which inform thinking from a regulatory viewpoint and help to build positive convergence.”  

Jean-Luc Fugit, honorary chairman of Open Energies 2024 and National Assembly member for the 11th Rhône constituency, chairman of the parliamentary energy committee and deputy chairman of OPECST.  


"We are convinced there is no time to waste before beginning the transformation of energy systems. Already committed alongside 100 climate-neutral cities across Europe, and a pilot city for smart meters, Lyon has already introduced an energy transformation strategy based on three goals: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality and controlling energy bills. In pursuit of this strategy, we want to draw on the strong potential of renewable energy, and particularly solar power. We have set a target of 5 MW for our area – certainly less than the national target of 6 GW, but still an ambitious goal for the city of Lyon.”

Sylvain Godinot, deputy mayor of Lyon responsible for the ecological transition and heritage 


“To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, solar power is vital, and sadly France is trailing in this area. Solar represents €1 billion of investment a day worldwide, and in France we have only reached €2 or 2.5 billion a year. Yet solar PV is the most competitive energy source in the world in terms of electricity generation and supply! It is unparalleled in its speed of installation and deployment. Solar PV must be thought of in a systemic way. But to respond fully to today's challenges and accelerate its deployment, it has to be combined with existing use cases and sectors. Meanwhile, it should not be seen in opposition to other sources of energy generation, which must be given the time to rethink. This is why it is vital to keep talking and communicating to achieve results, now and into the future!”  

Pascal Richard, president of the AuRA Digital Solaire association 


Next GreenTech+ event devoted to the energy transition: BEPOSITIVE from 25 to 27 March 2025 at Eurexpo Lyon 


Convinced of the relevance of events on energy transition issues, the GreenTech+ division of GL events now has two exhibitions dedicated to these subjects: Open Energies and BEPOSITIVE. These two trade shows will alternate in March of every year. Complementing this first edition of Open Energies in 2024, BEPOSITIVE will take place from 25 to 27 March 2025. Over these three days, professionals, decision-makers, and project developers will discuss the issues and solutions of the energy transition in buildings and regions. An opportunity to meet stakeholders committed to decarbonisation in the four sectors covered by the exhibition: renewable energy generation; climate engineering and electrical engineering; buildings and construction; fuelwood.  


"The current context, and indeed the one we have become used to in recent years, confirms that to advance together in the right direction, we need to unite all sectors affected by the energy transition. With BEPOSITIVE and Open Energies, our goal is to support the market by creating a major dynamic event every year in Lyon, a real driver of growth. We want to respond to companies' need to accelerate the energy transition by offering a relevant, effective forum focusing on these subjects.”

Florence Rousson, director of the Greentech+ division 




With 200 events organised worldwide for professionals and the general public, GL events Exhibitions has unequalled expertise in organising exhibitions and trade shows – a business that must stay abreast of increasingly specialised marketing, communication and organisational techniques while retaining close ties with market players. The Open Energies exhibition is organised by the GreenTech+ division of GL events, which also manages seven other major gatherings: BEPOSITIVE, Eurobois, Expobiogaz, Hyvolution, Paysalia, Piscine Global, Rocalia. GreenTech+ is a division of the GL events group, providing a unique shop window born from the synergies between exhibitions that touch on common themes of ecological innovation and sustainable development. GL events created GreenTech+ to play a full part in the world’s major environmental issues, based on the only format of its kind, building bridges between the sectors of the future and maximising their visibility. GreenTech+ is a business accelerator committed to accompanying the sector’s stakeholders in their developments and in their search for the solutions of tomorrow, while instilling an ever-greater eco-awareness among our citizens.